What we do

Our ISoc is a student-run body and serves as the focal point for both Muslim students and staff and those wanting to engage with the Muslim community in Oxford. We have an open and diverse membership, with over 1100 people on our mailing list, and we have a reputation for being amongst the university’s most vibrant and active societies. We aim to organise a host of different activities, services and events to engage and bring together the Muslim community in Oxford. There is very little that the ISoc does not do!

We organise study sessions, workshops and talks by renowned scholars, football, film nights, charity work, dawah, interfaith events, Qur’an circles, a whole range of entertainment, and a lot more. What’s more, we hope to continuously improve on what we already offer as it’s through this constant development that we are able to enjoy the dynamic society we have today. So if you have any ideas, if we’ve left anything out, feel free to start something up!



The OUISoc hosts a wide range of events throughout the year ranging from educational events to our popular socials. Whether you want to learn more about Islam, discuss religious issues/topics with like-minded individuals, or simply want to enlighten yourself then our educational events are the place to be. In the last academic year we have hosted high profile speakers such as Tariq Ramadan, Mufti Abu Layth, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, Yvonne Ridley, Yahya Ibrahim and Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan. Some of the topics we covered include aspects of Mental Health, Gender Relations and the Legacy of our Prophet (pbuh). We also organise the very popular Q Club, a chance for you to learn the tafseer of various Surah’s in the Quran. Q Club is structured so that the classes are informative yet informal so you can ask questions and learn at your own pace. This year we have introduced two new courses, An Introduction to Classic and Qur’anic Arabic, and An Introduction to The History of Islamic Theology.


The OUISoc is a friendly and welcoming place, where welfare and outreach are of high importance. Training in welfare support means that we have the 10308193_10203127935533100_8269093661966237809_napp
ropriate infrastructure in place to ensure that all students, especially freshers, are able to be a part of OUISoc and to enjoy their time here. We also have a dedicated chaplain Sheikh Ibrahim, who is based at OCIS, and we urge students to contact him as another point of support. With regards to outreach, each year a number of schools join us for

a day to experience what it is like to be a student at Oxford Uni. Through our efforts, we aim to encourage those of all backgrounds to apply to Oxford. On the social side of things, each week the brothers and sisters organise a variety of events, which include sports, film nights, games nights, discussion circles, breakfast together after fajr prayer and many more.



As a religio10730858_738444716236539_6115599301566424753_nus society, a big part of our work is dedicated to Islamic Education. This encompasses events and talks of both spiritual and intellectual kind, to which we invite regularly invite local, national and even international speakers. Besides these, we organise regular events of a more social and informal nature, such as our Dinner Discussion Circles on topics as diverse as Intellectual Pluralism or Why Islam?, and Quran interpretation (Tafsir) sessions. Finally, building up on the realisation that habits are much easier cultivated in a group of encouraging and like-minded people, some members of the community regularly launch initiatives targeted at improving our worship: The Fajr Initiative promotes the congregational morning prayer in the Prayer Room, ‘Road to Ramadhan’ offered preparation for the fasting month Ramadhan by communal fasting in the weeks leading up to it.



Keep updated!

There are lots of ways to stay up-to-date with what's happening in the ISoc. One of the easiest is to sign up to our mailing list, which will detail all the events on, and others that might be of interest.

(There's a link to our facebook page which is also regularly updated with information at the bottom)