OUISOC Committee 2017-18

Executive Committee

Ezziddin Yonis
(2nd Year, PPE, Lincoln College)
Salaam Alaykum! The Oxford ISoc is a most incredible place, welcoming all and any Muslim. Whatever you need; socials, classes, academic support, amazing advice, this is where you’ll find it. And whatever it is you want to do at uni; play football, meet scholars, do access work, do charity work, go punting with friends, have formals at other colleges, learn Quran, you’ll find it all here! There’s an amazing committee of 22 dedicated individuals who are here to make your experience at Oxford the best it can be. Look through this page, and if you want to say Hello to any of us, just send us a message!

"If you put the Sunna before mercy, you have lost both." - Sh. Abdalhakim Murad, Contentions 11:78

Email: ezziddin.al-hajyonis@lincoln.ox.ac
Supti Akhtar
Female Vice President
(St. Hilda's College)
Ahmed Abdu
Male Vice President
(St. Edmund Hall)
Ayesha Musa
(Jesus College)
Assalamu Alaykum. I’m Ayesha a 1st year medic at Jesus College. As secretary I’m responsible for sending out the weekly newsletter and general organisation within the society. If you have any ideas, concerns or just need someone to talk to, feel free to get in touch!

“There are 2 ways to spread the light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it”

Email: ayesha.musa@jesus.ox.ac.uk
Mustafa Qurashi
(Lincoln College)
Nabeela Zaman
Communications Chair
(University College)
Salam! Peace be upon you 🙂 I’m Nabeela a finalist reading Chinese Studies at University College. This year I’m in charge of all things media! Insha’allah I'd like to continue my YouTube work by making more videos for the OUISOC’s channel (go subscribe) and maintain the rest of our platforms. If you have any creative ideas feel free to send them my way~ “Wisdom will not be complete except by following the truth” - Imam Hussain a.s

Email: nabeela.zaman@univ.ox.ac.uk
Maitham Gulamhussein
Events Chair
(St. Hilda's College)
Assalaamu Alaykum! I'm a 2nd-year Maths & Stats student at St. Hilda's College and I'll be serving you as your Events Chair for the next year iA. This means that I am responsible for ensuring that the events we hold are well-organised and beneficial. If you have any suggestions for events, please do get in touch!

"Indeed, Allah is with the patient." - al-Qur'ān, 2:153

Email: maitham.gulamhussein@st-hildas.ox.ac.uk
Ibrahim El-Gaby
Student Affairs Chair
(Merton College)
Imran Naved
Graduate Chair
(St. John's College)
Assallamu Alaikum, I’m Imran and I am a first year Engineering DPhil student. I am responsible for the ISOC Graduate community, working with the Graduate Events and Graduate Welfare reps to provide events, socials and general support for the Graduate community. If you have any questions or concerns about Graduate life in Oxford or anything else really, feel free to get in touch!

“There is no wealth like knowledge, no poverty like ignorance” Ali Bin Abi Talib

Minahil Mujahid
Politics Chair
(St. Anne's College)
Assalamu Alaykum, I'm Minahil, a first year medic. As Politics Chair, my goal is to help everyone realise the power they have to make a positive difference. As Muslims, ethnic minorities or women we all will feel a deep desire for change in our societies and so I would like to focus particularly on local issues, but still address international affairs concerning Muslims. I will be working with the Politics Action Committee (Safia, Danial, Saad, Affnafee, Lamis and Martyn) to host events and campaigns, and if there's anything in particular you would like us to address/get involved in, please do contact us!

'Verily, Allah will not change the condition of a people, until they change what is within themselves' [Al-Ra'd 13:11]


Operational Committee

Mahdiyah Rahman
Sisters' Welfare & Social Officer
(Oriel College)
Ibby Abdu
Brothers' Welfare & Social Officer
(St Hugh's College)
Salaam everybody! I’m Ibrahim a 1st year PPE’ist studying at St Hughs College. In my role I deal with everything from the brothers socials to any welfare issues, so please do not ever feel any hesitation to message or call me about anything and everything. Please also let me know if you have any ideas for our socials, and any other suggestions/questions/advice are most welcome.

“If, then, I were asked for the most important advice I could give, that which I considered to be the most useful to the men of our century, I should simply say: in the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you.” Leo Tolstoy (Essays, letters and Miscellanies)

Faaria Khan
Islamic Awareness Officer
Assalamu Alaikum everyone! I’m Faaria, a first year engineering student at Pembroke College. As Islamic Awareness Officer, I will organise our Society’s interfaith events and our annual Experience Islam Week that takes place in Hilary term. In this role, I am really looking forward to working with the University’s other religious and cultural societies and helping others to learn more about our beautiful religion. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or ideas!

Body is purified by water. Ego by tears. Intellect is purified by knowledge. And soul is purified with love. - Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Rabii Malik
Access and Outreach Officer
(St Anne's College)
Abdullah Khalil
Religious Education Officer
(Brasenose College)
Lennaert Woudt
Community Officer
(Brasenose College)
Salaam everyone! I’m Lennaert, a second-year PPEist at Brasenose College. As the Community Officer for the ISOC, I coordinate the society’s volunteering and charity work. This includes Charity Week which is a week-long campaign to raise money for charity, volunteer and bring the community together. If you would like to get involved in volunteering or if you have any questions or suggestions do get in touch! 

““Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart." (Rumi)

Hasina Manzoor
Media Officer
(Worcester College)
Assalamu Alaikum! I am a first year studying German at Worcester College. My main roles as Media Officer are to help create promotional material and to keep the website relevant and updated to reflect the fantastic work of our ISoc. Look out for a shiny new website design coming soon i’A! If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Show forgiveness, enjoin kindness, avoid ignorance (Qur’an 7:199)

Ameer Ismail
Alumni Chair
(Merton College)
Assalam Alaykum, I am a second year law student at Merton. As the Alumni Chair, I am responsible for maintaining the link between the Islamic Societies of the past and the present ISOC. We will ensure that the OUISOC remains as accessible and welcoming to those that have graduated from Oxford as it was during their time here by organising events dedicated to our alumni. InshaAllah, we will work with our alumni to establish a sustainable foundation for future ISOCs through the creation of alumni fund.

"This [Qur'an] is enlightenment for mankind and guidance and mercy for a people who are certain [in faith]." (Qur'an 45:20)

Email: ameer.ismail@merton.ox.ac.uk
Ayse Gur-Geden
Graduate Welfare Officer
(Brasenose College)
Salaam everyone! I’m Ayse, a second year PhD student in Sociolinguistics. As the Graduate Welfare Officer, I am collaborating with Hannah and Imran to promote a spirit of community for graduate students. If you want to get involved in something particular or you have any concerns, issues or questions, please let me know and as a team we will do our best to assist you! As ever, suggestions are always welcome.

He who has created death as well as life, 1 so that He might put you to a test [and thus show] which of you is best in conduct, and [make you realize that] He alone is almighty, truly forgiving. (Qur'an, 67:2)

Hannah Rana
Graduate Events Officer
Moheez Al-Aidarous
Returning Officer
(Queen's College)
Sophie Thomas
Disabilities Representative
(St Edmund Hall)
The disabilities rep supports Isoc members who identify as having a physical, sensory or learning disability; a mental health condition or a chronic illness (regardless of whether they identify with the term disability). The disabilities rep can advise on accessibility for Isoc events and the prayer room, and keeps up to date with disability resources around the university. Please get in touch if I can be of help.


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