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Discover Islam Week

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One of the most anticipated occasions in the ISoc Calendar is our “Discover Islam Week” that takes place in Hilary Term. This is a week of events varying from panel discussions on Science in Islam to interactive sessions on Islamic calligraphy, aimed to open the doors of ISoc and help non-Muslims to discover the beauty of our religion.


Cultural Fair

Our Cultural Fair celebrates the diverse experiences of the Muslims in Oxford and around the world.

We take our visitors on a journey across the Muslim world: from Nigeria to Palestine, China to Indonesia, Sudan to Sri Lanka. 

In previous years, we have had hundreds of guests both from the universities and the local community. A team of OUISoc volunteers are on hand to give our guests an opportunity to ask us questions they may have about Islam. Learn about how and why we pray, why we believe in God and the great things Muslims are doing across the world, while eating copious amounts of delicious, homemade food from different cultures!

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Talks and discussions

Academic, philosopher and author, Dr Tariq Ramadan

Academic, philosopher and author, Dr Tariq Ramadan

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