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Islam and Women 2

Join us as we configure ideas, context and fiqh to create a deep understanding of Women as part of, and within, Islam. Our discussion will be led by Hanaa Hasan, a highly knowledgeable researcher and teacher, as we establish foundations from which we can begin dismantling the discourse around Muslim women. From power and politics, to addressing controversies surrounding the Hijab and modern feminist movement, the Islam and Women series is here to take your un-tackled thoughts, and develop them into powerful ideas.

This session is open to all, female and male, those who are well-versed in Islamic and political discourse to those who are just beginning to confront it. Your intellectual and spiritual development is our priority so bring along your own ideas, experiences and questions.

Hanaa Hasan is a writer and speaker who has been active in the Muslim community for the past eight years. She graduated from SOAS with a BSc in Economics and currently works as a researcher specialising in the Middle East. A former presenter on the Islam Channel, she is the editor of the Muslimah Diaries, a platform run by and for Muslim women, assessing topical issues from an Islamic perspective. She is also an Aalima student and a Quran teacher.

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