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An Evening of Reflection Upon the Life of The Prophet (PBUH)

Love of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) is a fundamental condition of our faith as Muslims. But how well do we even know him, let alone love him? What can we do to get to know him better? Insha’Allah we will come together on Wednesday evening to reflect upon the life of The Beloved Messenger(PBUH) and renew our intentions to learn more about his life and teachings.

There will be an entire programme including:

• A very brief lecture on The Prophet (PBUH)

• Group Reflection Circle

• A traditional reading from Hadith

• Student Nasheeds

Date and Time: Tuesday 20th November 19:00-20:30
Location: Prayer Room

We are still looking for students to contribute to the Group Reflection Circle. Contributions related to the Life of the Prophet(PBUH), the Seerah, the Hadith or anything to do with the Prophet’s (PBUH) life are welcome. Please don’t be shy, it’s always great to share such reflections with others!

If you would like to contribute please contact as soon as possible please