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Essentials of Worship - An introduction to Islamic law

Ever wondered how Islamic law is derived? How to set about navigating the Islamic legal issues in your life? And most importantly, how you should pray, fast, and give charity properly? A one-off fortnightly class, especially organised for Oxford students and led by fantastic local scholars.

The Essentials of Worship series is a great opportunity to learn the basics of the sacred law of worship in Islam! As educated Muslim adults, it is our responsibility to learn the sacred law that pertains to discharging our obligations as Muslims and the teachings of these laws was foremost amongst the knowledge taught by the Prophets(Peace be upon them all). What is ritual purity? How should I pray and what are the conditions of a sound prayer? Scholars are in agreement that getting these elements right in our lives is the first step towards spiritual excellence and a sound relationship with Allah(SWT).

This is a unique opportunity to learn these sciences with an authentic, traditionally rooted and academically excellent scholar in a stimulating environment which will bring to the fore intellectual foundations to ensure students gain a sound and robust understanding. Classes are open to all.

Friday 18th Jan - Introduction & Foundations (Usul)
Friday 8thd Feb - Purity: Water, Wudu, Gusl and Tayammum.
Friday 15th Feb - Prayer I: Conditions of Prayer, Prayer, Imam, Travelling
Friday 1st Mar - Prayer II + Fasting + Zakaat (if time permits)

Maliki Stream (Traditionally in North and Sub-Saharan African countries):
-Sh. Sadd Al-Azhari
-Lecture Room VII, Brasenose College, 19:00

Hanafi Stream:
-Ustadh Salman Younas
-Stocker Room, Brasenose College, 19:00

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