How we can help

Everyone in Oxford has moments when things get tough, may it be work, friends or homesickness to name a few. The ISOC runs a welfare scheme to ease these problems.

We have designated welfare officers who can offer a helping hand with any problems you might face. We also run a confidential online welfare profile which you can message anonymously and seek advice.  We aim to match all freshers with a designated ‘Buddy/Mentor’, an elder student who studies a similar subject to them who can help ease them into the fast pace of Oxford.

As well as this, the ISOC functions like a huge family and everyone looks out for each other, so there is always someone willing to look out for you.

Meet our welfare officers

We have designated welfare officers who can offer a helping hand with any problems you might face.



Mahdiyah Rahman
2nd Year, History, Oriel College


Assalaamu Alaikum everyone! I’m Mahdiyah, a 1st year history student at Oriel College. As the Sister’s Welfare and Social Officer, I am here to deal with any welfare issues that anyone has, as well as organising fun and relaxing sister’s socials and sports sessions. If anyone ever wants to have a casual friendly chat, or raise any issues and concerns please don’t hesitate to contact/message me either on facebook or via email. 



Ibby Abdu
2nd Year, PPE, St Hugh's College


In my role I deal with everything from the brothers socials to any welfare issues, so please do not ever feel any hesitation to message or call me about anything and everything. Please also let me know if you have any ideas for our socials, and any other suggestions/questions/advice are most welcome. 

Ayse (2).jpg


Ayse Gur-Geden
3rd Year PhD, Sociolinguistics


As the Graduate Welfare Officer, I am collaborating with Hannah and Imran to promote a spirit of community for graduate students. If you want to get involved in something particular or you have any concerns, issues or questions, please let me know and as a team we will do our best to assist you! As ever, suggestions are always welcome. 

University Counselling Service

The University also offers an excellent counselling service for students and staff.

Mission statement

The Counselling Service is here to help you gain understanding and insight into any difficulties you may be experiencing, to develop emotional resilience and put into effect real change, enabling you to fulfil your academic and personal potential. The Service offers free and confidential support, but it is not an emergency service.”

Student-Led Support

There are also a range of student-led services are available to provide support for academic and personal worries, or allow you to discuss any problems you have in confidence. Your college will also have Welfare Reps (as part of your JCR) who you can also talk to.