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What we do


Our ISoc is a student-run body and serves as the focal point for Muslims in Oxford. We have an open and diverse membership, and a reputation for being amongst the University’s most vibrant and active societies. We aim to organise a host of different activities, services and events to engage and bring together the Muslim community in Oxford.



We host a wide array of events throughout the year, ranging from religious educational events to our popular socials. We also run events that engage with our local communities and offer opportunities for non-Muslims to discover more about our religion. 


We run a welfare scheme to support students and have designated welfare officers who can offer a helping hand with any problems you might face. We also run a confidential online welfare profile which you can message anonymously in order to seek advice.


Our goal is to inspire Muslims students who have the potential to thrive at Oxford and equip them with the skills required. The Oxford Muslim Access Conference is being launched to address the barriers affecting Muslim students applying to top institutions. 



Moving to University is without a doubt one of the most significant steps in a person’s life. Muslims moving away from home are further challenged by the prospect of practicing their faith without the comfort of their home and community and being placed into an environment where it is often difficult for social life, studies and faith to coexist. However the Islamic Society strives to ensure Muslims at Oxford University are supported and that their faith is in fact strengthened during their time here.

Alhamdulillah we are one of the most active societies at the University with a very packed term card and many events taking place outside of term too. We host a large variety of events and activities including socials, religious education classes, access work, weekly sport and volunteering so there is something for all tastes and interests!

However beyond all of the events, there is a beautiful community that looks out for each other and supports one another in all aspects of their University life. In Surah Al-Tawba, Verse 71 narrates,
The believing men and believing women are allies of one another. They enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and establish prayer and give charity and obey Allah and His Messenger.’

The sisterhood and brotherhood that I have witnessed in ISoc is unlike any that I have come across before and I am so grateful to have been blessed with their company.

All that’s left to say is I wish you all a very warm welcome to Oxford. Please do reach out to our fantastic committee members if you have any questions or requests.

I hope you have a wonderful experience with the Islamic Society.

Faaria Khan, President - 2019/20


An award-winning student society

- FOSIS Midlands Cup Winners 2016
- FOSIS Best UK ISoc 2016-2017
- FOSIS SU Relations Award 2016-2017
- FOSIS National Best Community Work 2017-18
- Oxbridge ISoc Football Varsity 2018
- FOSIS Midlands Best Project for the Homeless Campaign 2018
- FOSIS Midlands Advocacy on Campus 2018

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