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Politics Events

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Politics events organised by the ISoc aim to explore key issues and raise awareness about events occurring across the world.

Although each year brings a whole host of new campaigns, discussions and events, as a society we ensure there is continuity in our work - each and every term we are working towards a more aware, inclusive and diverse Oxford.
Just in the last year we hosted panel discussions on Islamophobia and the Rohingya genocide and collaborated with the Oxford Union on ‘Islam and Politics’ debates – all with world-leading speakers, but more importantly, students that are keen to get involved and interested.

Although as university students and faculty we are from all corners of the world, we are brought together in Oxford. It is important for the ISoc to explore our locality and the community around us. This is why we strive to interact with local politics to ensure our voice against injustice and discrimination is heard amongst many others.
As an Islamic Society, we look to accommodate the needs of Muslim students across Oxford. However, through Politics, we believe we can connect with a far greater and wider community.


A panel discussion on Islam and Politics with Dr. Jonathan Brown, the Chair of Islamic Civilization at Georgetown University, and Wadah Khanfar, the Former Director-General of Al Jazeera.