Contribute to Ramadan 2019

Thanks to the generous donations we receive, we are able to host free Iftars every day during the holy month of Ramadan. This relies entirely on donations, so we would greatly appreciate any contribution you could make!

We expect around 100-120 students to break the fast with us every night. We're very efficient with expenditure, with the the total cost of a daily Iftar, including dates, drinks, a full meal and fruits, being around £280. Whether you'd like to sponsor a full night or contribute pennies, we'd be very grateful! 

If you have any questions about donating, or for other ways you can give, please contact our Treasurer, Basim Khajwal.


Celebrate Ramadan in Oxford

During Ramadan, the OUISoc hosts free Iftars every day. These Iftars are the backbone of the Muslim community in Oxford, providing a space for everyone to come together and share a meal each night. We see many Muslims joining the ISOC in this period and others fasting for the first time in years because of the atmosphere it creates, bringing them closer to Islam.


What our members say

The 2018 Ramadan is, by far, the best Ramadan I have had in my life. Who would have thought I’d find a family here in the West when home is so far away from me? Who’d have thought that after a whole year of insulation in college where I knew my spirituality was being deeply affected that I’d end up in the Oxford prayer room where I’d go on to make some of my best friends in life, in whose blessed company my entire faith would be rekindled and to a certain degree reborn? Sometimes, you just know when Allah guides your soul to goodness, brings joy to your heart and surrounds yourself with His Light, be it by his faithful servants, their knowledge and kindness, or simply the beautiful nourishment of Ramadan Iftaars. And it is by the intention of the custodians of the prayer room, through the tremendous hard work of those brothers and sisters who ensure that Ramadan Iftaars are available everyday, that Allah’s infinite blessings trickle down to the lives of people such as myself and quench the spiritual thirst of hundreds of seekers.